Facial Rejuvenation


It truly is better than botox...

Maybe you’ve tried botox before and have become dejected by the “botox hangover,” or maybe you’ve just started considering taking action against those frown lines, and are wondering if there’s a more natural alternative.

Our facial rejuvenation treatments combines gentle facial massage with lymphatic drainage and acupuncture to build collagen, tone facial muscles, improve circulation, and stimulate blood flow.  The end result is an immediate reduction in fine lines, and over time, improvement in your skin’s elasticity and slowing the aging process from within.

All of this with no risk of scars, infections, rashes, or toxic build up of chemicals.

What to Expect


For maximum effect a full series is generally 10 treatments.  Visible results appear after the first treatment, with a cumulative effect becoming obvious after 3-5, and dramatic lasting effects at 10.


  1. We begin with a thorough intake, discussing your skin care, concerns, as well as any other health conditions that may be addressed during the treatment

  2. An individualized point protocol is selected by your acupuncturist, and your full body treatment begins to address the underlying causes of aging

  3. Your face is gently cleansed to prime it for treatment

  4. Extremely fine facial needles are inserted into areas of concern, paying special attention to acupuncture points known to increase lymph flow and brighten the complexion

  5. After about 20 minutes, needles are removed

  6. Gentle facial cupping increases circulation and strengthens the skin and facial connective tissue. This cupping is very different from the kind you have seen on Michael Phelps, and will leave no bruising.

  7. Gentle facial gwa sha reduces fine lines and helps the penetration of skin care products

  8. A jade roller is used to close the pores and seal in the treatment.


We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality natural products to enhance your skin.  Toxic ingredients are disturbingly prevalent in American skincare, and we take great care to select products that have been proven efficacious and are free of toxins.  We believe you have a right to know what is in your skincare, and how it has been studied. For this reason, we've partnered with isClinical to create a program that is botanically based, scientifically studied, and of the highest quality.  For more information on the products that may be used during your treatment please explore by clicking the links below.

*Please note, protocols are tailored for each individual.  All products are not used on all patients.

Before and after just one treatment

Before and after just one treatment

If you have any questions about the procedure, or are just curious to know more, please reach out! We'd love to chat with you here.